Beginner Level

Ages 3-7 Years Old

In the beginner level classes, martial arts techniques are incorporated in a behavior learning curriculum that helps children develop balance, coordination, listening skills, attention span, courtesy, respect, and confidence. Classes last 45min.

Intermediate Level

In the intermediate level classes, students take on new responsibilities, such as competition and weaponry. A wide variety of ccompetitive options are available to students, as well as training in both staff, nunchaku, and musical form.

Advanced Level

At the advanced level, the program pursues Karate at a more higher level, whether it be a traditional aspect or sport competition. The class again focuses on respect and discipline as we believe this can be carried through to their everyday lives.

Our next focus is on physical fitness and self defense with additional skills with weapons and throwing. The students then increase their skill level in Kumite (sparring) and Kata (forms). This competitive portion allows the students to set goals within their sport, and then later develop goals outside of karate that can last a lifetime. The positive setting stimulates the students inner drive that only competition can bring out. Not only will you see this within their sport but it follows through to their school work and personality.